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Since 1997, The Soccer Coliseum has revolutionized indoor sports in the New Jersey metro area. Imitators come and go, but the original Coliseum continues to set the standard for the premier indoor sports experience.
  • Spectacular grass-like surface - custom red turf field

  • Over 35,000 sq. ft. of indoor sports heaven!

  • Super-high ceiling to keep ball in play

  • No walls, no boards

  • Arena-style seating for over 1,500 fans!

  • Food court and video games—a complete sight and sound experience!

Come see for yourself why teams from all over NJ, CT, Long Island, NY state and more put The Coliseum at the top of their list of places to play. And join us as we celebrate the best in sport

Soccer Coliseum Athletes
We are a NJ Youth Soccer sanctioned indoor facility